Environment Policy



We passionate about using the countryside, hills and mountains in a sustainable way.

Our ethos is to…

  • Always give something back to the local area
  • Stay, eat and drink locally
  • Work closely with local businesses
  • Promote public transport
  • Tread carefully and lightly
  • Inform, educate and inspire
  • Reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible


Sustainable Travel

  • Plan our courses and walks so that we reduce down travel time as much as possible throughout the year; plan walks in similar locations on consecutive days to reduce travel
  • locations with good public transport links as much as possible
  • Promote public transport in all correspondence
  • Promote car sharing for groups and corporate bookings
  • Offer a pick up and drop off service to the nearest railway station
    Choose locations that do not require the use of a car once the group has arrived.


Spend locally

  • Plan our courses and walks so that we always use villages with a good variety of accommodation and public transport links
  • Use local pubs and cafes to base our walks from
  • Promote accommodation options for all of our courses, to encourage people to stay overnight


Tread lightly

  • Tread lightly and carefully as the moors and mountains are fragile landscapes that support rare wildlife.
  • Keep to paths to avoid expanding erosion to the side of the paths
    Pick up ALL litter that we see. Carry EVERYTHING out with us that we brought in
  • Carry out all biodegradable waste, including apple cores and banana skins
  • Take people to quieter areas and onto Access Land to reduce our impact on busier routes.
  • Use a variety of venues and locations to avoid over use
  • Educate, discuss and inform people about our environmental impact, natural environment and rare habitats.
  • Educate, discuss and inform people about how we can all reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Keep group sizes to within reasonable ratios to reduce our impact with regards to noise, erosion and detrimental effects to the environment.


Kit, Clothing and Equipment

  • Maintain and repair our outdoor clothing and kit to make it last longer
  • Recycle as much as possible
  • Educate our clients about using re-usable plastic water bottles, rather than single-use water bottles


Leave only footprints, take only photographs, steal only time